Realising the value from marginal offshore oil and gas fields


Marginal Field Development Company (MFDevCo) is an independent oil and gas specialist dedicated to maximising recovery from the vast, undeveloped hydrocarbon resources contained in marginal fields worldwide. In association with the Marginal Field Delivery Consortium (MFD Consortium) we manage the entire lifecycle of marginal field projects from opportunity screening, suitability assessment and financing through engineering to production and decommissioning. Together, we offer the low-cost production solutions, engineering services and commercial capability required to unlock the value of your marginal fields.

Reducing CAPEX and OPEX is crucial to transforming the economics of marginal fields and our re-deployable, normally unattended facilities we can reduce the through-life costs by up to 60% compared to alternative solutions. However we also understand the importance of taking a more holistic approach to improve the overall risk profile of each project and reduce uncertainty.

We understand that the most appropriate strategy for your project will depend on the field characteristics, current status of the project, stakeholders and financial situation. We will work with you to:

  • Analyse your project including the field characteristics, potential reserves and existing production infrastructure.
  • Model the impact of different low-cost production solutions, development plans and commercial structures on the risk profile.
  • Identify the most appropriate technical and commercial strategy.

By identifying the most appropriate development plan we can help you to meet your licence obligations, attract financing and convert projects into production.

Whether you need an early production system, have a stranded discovery without a viable development plan or want to extend the life of a mature field currently in production and defer decommissioning, MFDevCo can help.

If you would like to discuss a marginal field project with us and understand how we can help you to identify the right development strategy, please contact us.

The Marginal Field Delivery Consortium

The Marginal Field Delivery Consortium (The Consortium) is a collaborative partnership between upstream oil and gas industry specialists committed to developing marginal fields in the UKCS and around the world.

We leverage the experience and expertise of our members and apply innovative and proven unattended solutions to vastly reduce capital and operational expenditure in order to deliver marginal projects including early production fields, small or stranded hydrocarbon accumulations, and life extension for mature fields.